11 strange facts about MARS:

Karachi: After Earth Mars is probably the only planet where man has offered most research, although a large number of space probes has been sent to Mars because we think that after Earth Mars is the only place where life can exist.

Govt. as well as private organizations have made their plan to human life on  Mars, and it is being hoped that life will exist on mars during the 21st century.

facts about MARS

Who discover mars?

No one knows who discovered mars because Mars is being identified in the sky by its red color .that’s why in past its name was RED Planet. Although it was considered a planet of war and a symbol of wrath.

You will be very light weighted on Mars:

It is often said that Mars and earth are similar but mass is definitely different from our planet. And the first difference is our gravity and mass. The gravity on mars if far weaker than earth and measured as 62% weaker. It means if your weight on earth is 162 pounds then on Mars your weight will be only 62 pounds.

Carbon dioxide:

 At first as compared to earth the atmosphere of mars is very light and second it contains more than 98% carbon dioxide.it will be clear that the atmosphere of earth contains 78% nitrogen than 21% oxygen and the gases are less  which contains  0.04% (400 ppm) of carbon dioxide only. Due to this we can say all of the atmospheres at Mars if completely made up of Carbon dioxide.

Biggest mountain of Solar system:

Mount Everest is the biggest mountain on earth but on mars “Olympus Mons” is the biggest mountain ever discovered in solar system whose height is  22 KM and diameter of 600 KM.if it is compared to earth that it will come to know that its area is bigger than Mainland France. Some experts suspect that perhaps the Olympus Mons volcano is still active.

Cairo’s name:

 In Arabic mars is called “Al-najamul-qahir”(star of wrath).

It is said that in 972 AD during the reign of the Fatimid Cairo when Egyptian city was founded than the on that day mars was also risen in the sky. And it was clearly visible to all that’s why it was named as “AL Qahira”as tradition of that city.

Mars on a day and one year:

 It will be studied very interesting that a day on earth (24 hours) as compared to Mars a day on mars is only 40 minutes long, Whose duration are 24 hours and 40 minutes. Mars’s day is called SOL, although a year on mars is equaled to 687 days (1 year, 10 months and 22 days).due to this the orbit around the sun is bigger than the orbit of the earth around the sun. That takes more time than earth to complete its rotation around the orbit.

Nearest to Earth:

 Although the distance of mars from earth is 77.8 million KM but in 2003 a moment occurred when this distance came near to 56 million KM only.NASA told that after 2287 years it will reduce its distance from earth as seen above.

Ice on Mars:

Mars is extremely cold as compare to earth, where the temperature at night is below than freezing point.

It was thought that the white surface on mars was actually seen as freeze carbon dioxide (dry ice) but recently research proved that it has same ice there as we have on earth.

It is also proved that mars had snow fall reign that ended about 4 lac years ago.it is remembered that on earth this snowfall reign was ended about 10,000 years ago.

Hope for life:

After the invention of a telescope, the mystery of mars has gone abroad.it has also begun to see a human face on Mars then came to the concept of canals on Mars because man has hope that life of same qualities is existing on Mars. But after research it is proved there is no life on mars.

Although it has been proved that about billions or years ago there was the resistance of life that can be any form.

Water on Mars:

September 2015, astronomers have discovered some evidence that can tell us may be there will be salty water flowing in summer season.  But like other many things this discovery is also seen to end.

If we talk about technology than man has enough powerful rockets and spaceships that can travel to mars in just a few months and years. Although there is only minor working is needed to make real of it..But there is some good news that other than NASA China and Russia, private organizations have also speed up their work in order to make travel to mars. After all these researchers and proves experts say that man will make his appearance on mars on 2030 and there will chances of first human settlement near to 2050.