An End to a Fairytale Wedding! – Ummi Tv

Couples are made in heaven, but they definitely might not always be the perfect ones. There are battles and other factors as well which are always stringently appearing to break a wedding out.

Similar situation has been trending through the country with the most renowned faces in the Pakistani media and politics. Imran and Reham, the couples who surprised the nation with a sudden marriage and then gave another shock of being apart with the label of divorce right after ten months of wedding are the highlighted ones these days. All this despite of being very personal among the couples yet has anything to do with the political career of Imran khan. However, on the other hand the local body elections were on the verge of being very serious all this may lead to a negative impact to cause on the political career of Imran Khan.

raham khan

As the time is progressing every new day brings a new statement made by Reham regarding the divorce. At times, she says the black magic has been imposed in between their relationship and at times it was the incompatibility between the both individuals. However, these statements may give a trouble to the KPK government in making their position.  Therefore the impacts of whatever has happened have been observed among the voters.

Previously as well it was stated that the people didn’t go to cast their votes because of the heartbreaking news they have come across and now as for the second innings as well there is a huge context of doubts that whether the people would be willing to cast their votes or not. The impact of the personal life of a politician is usually depicted on their career. Imran knows this very well and so he is very silent upon the entire situation whereas the opposing comments are yet very threatening in many aspects.

imran khan and raham khan

Now, as for what would happen is completely something which is not in the control of Imran Khan even and so he needs to be ready to accept whatsoever it comes on his way.  On the other hand the spirit of the party and so as Imran Khan also seems to be deteriorated in many aspects the way he was running his campaigns previously is not the thing that is being featured now. The political career of every individual is like a plant, the more you water the more it will be growing in the perfect manner. So, being inactive in this is never an option and one needs to be very considerate about everything.

The upcoming elections are definitely a major threat to PTI and the impacts of many things including the matter of the divorce will be witnessed over the result of these elections. However, there is always a hope and many fans of Mr. Khan are still hoped for his success. This man is a man of power and motives and appears to be a light of hope for the people of Pakistan now whether it keeps lightening or not is something we’ll see very soon.