Apple has Resolved the Problem by Upgrading IOS.

Apple has Resolved the Problem by Upgrading IOS. The expert of cyber security told that a famous Arab personality’s iPhone got damage by Spyware. after hearing the news the Apple has updated the software of IOS. According to the San Francisco’s security firm named lookout and internet watch group “By using a  fault of IOS from the previous three faults which named Trident can record voice, hack passwords, read messages and also track customer”. The IOS phone 9 3 4 and its previous versions can effect by it.

These attacks can be done by using a phone Spyware product named Pagasus. Which has developed by NSO group. NSO is the Company of an Israeli cyber group. Who target high profile cases and it also  sales the software for secret mobile tracking.

After knowing this fault Apple Company’s administration has started work on it and also introduced the IOS version 9, 3, 5 with new updates. The users can update this version by following these steps which are given below.

  1. First of all Click on “Setting”.
  2. Then Click on “General”.
  3. Now click on “Update the Software” .
  4. You Have Done.