Apple Security Engineers Pushed back idea of Government to Encrypt Data

Apple recently reconstruct its internal security teams, which rule the security aspects, and conducted threat-testing against Apple’s own devices which act as a type of filtration system that places security. The security features of Apple’s iPhone have been highly examined that used in the shooting at the Inland Regional Center in San Bernardino, CA, which killed 14 people.

FBI wanted to compel Apple to design software that would help unlock iPhone belongs to Syed Farooq, one of shooter, but later dropped this case after it was approached by another party offering alternative way. From the Department of Justice to the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office, have discussed and argued that Apple goes too far in its efforts to covert customer data.

But Apple engineers disputed with this theory by saying that the technical giant’s security features will enable criminals commit  law enforcement to evade, data security is important to the safety of society.

Apple said the government should “form a panel of experts on intelligence, technology, and civil liberties to discuss this issue and the implications for law enforcement, national security, privacy, and personal freedoms.”

Engineers reviewed highlighted features in the company’s Security White Paper today

Apple also focused the role of the consumer in securing the iPhone, highlighting features like Touch ID and two-factor validation for i Cloud as ways for users to keep their data and devices safe.  Apple has previously highlighted, that only 49 percent people uses pass-code for device security. But after the introduction of Touch ID, pass-code users jumped to 89 percent.  Consumer interest in encryption and security has increased in the past and more even after San Bernardino attack, which has influenced Apple to speak more openly about the design and implementation of its new security system.

Fighting  with government demands to unlock phones puts Apple in a new tough position — if investigators will continue to demand Apple modify its software iOS to allow decryption, the company will eventually have to think and decide whether or not enable itself to refuse all government requests for data encryption.