Biggest Crime of Internet History – Hackers Take Away Information of 50 Millions Users

New York (Monitoring Desk) Revealed of  biggest crime of internet history, they confirm theft information of 50 millions users. Told from the website that theft of data was at the end of year 2014 and in that security questions and answers were stolen except personal data, however credit card data not been steal.

Biggest Crime of Internet History

According to BBC American telecom company Verizon bought Yahoo on July 2016 in $4.83 billions. Do not know yet how recent theft will impact of this sell out. Possibly news of big attack came out last month when hacker named Peace was apparently trying to sell information of 20 millions users. Confirmed from the Yahoo that theft data is more than early estimate. Recommend to users from the company if they did not change password of his account after 2014 then they should change their password.