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Dresses For independece Day 2016

Independece day

14 August is our independence day. independence Day is Important for every patriotic person. Every wants to celebrate this event with greate charm.Girls want to wear white and green dresses to show love for Pakistan.Childs show their love for country by wearing green dresses and badges.Its so important for every one .Every body wants to show their love for country ...

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Gul Ahmed New Summer Lawn Collection 2016


Gul Ahmed New Summer Lawn Collection 2016…. Gul Ahmed introduced in 1952.It is Best Brand of Asia.The Design which are introduced by Gul ahmed have great clour combination and have stylish and impressive look.Their quality of lawn is very good.Gul ahmad provide Fashionable design.With a passage of time Today Girls like most fashionable Dresses.Girls take interst in Lestest fashion they ...

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Khaadi Collection 2016 with 3 Piece Unstitch Dresses


Khaadi Collection 2016 with 3 Piece Unstitch Dresses Khaddi Lawn Design is best For girls.Khaddi has Already Launch Many new Design. Now it has Launched new Summer collection with Unstitch Dresses along chiffon Dupata.Now it has Introduced a new collection for summer.It contain alot of new design.Khaadi is one of best famed brands among all others brands of Pakistan.Khaadi Kurta ...

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Cucumber and lime juice for face Mask

Cucumber and lime juice

Cucumber and lime juice for face Mask…. Ingredients 1.Cucumber juice 1 tsp 2.lime juice 1 tsp 3.turmeric 1 tsp 4.Glycerine 1 tsp Procedure Mix All these ingrdeints to form a mixture.Apply These mixture daily on your face. Apply these with the help of cotton.Leave this mixture for 15 mins on your face.After these Wash your face with Cold water. Use ...

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Beauty Tip to Get Clear Skin at Home


Beauty Tip to Get Clear Skin at Home…. Ingredients Cucumber It is very use ful to get Clear Skin at Home.Cut a Fresh cucumber in to thick Pieces and Rub these pieces on your Face.Leave it on Overnight and Wash Your Face with warm water in the Morning . Do this daily before going to bed

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Potatoes For Skin pigmentation

Potatoes For Skin pigmentation

Potatoes For Skin pigmentation… Ingredients 1. 2 potatoes. 2. cup of milk. Procedure Mix a potatoes and milk to make a paste. Rub this paste on your face and leave it for 1 min then wash your face with cold water. It will remove marks and pigments From your face.

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Coconut Milk Makes Your Skin Glow


Coconut Milk Makes Your Skin Glow…. 1. Raw coconut Take milk of coconut. Apply this milk on your face and Lips it will makes your Skin Glow and shinny…

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Tips to Ged Rid of Black heads

Black head

Tips to Ged Rid of Black heads…. 1. Wash your Face Daily with Warm hand .Wash Your face when it become Oily and Dirty. 2. Do not apply make up on skin. 3. Use separate towels for your face. 4. Excess moisturizing increase Oil on your skin

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Beauty Tips For Soft Hands

soft hands

Ingredients Lemon Juice – 1 tsp Tomato juice – 1tsp Glycerine – little bit Mix Lemon juice , Tomato juice and add little bit of glycerine together to form a paste.Use this Mixture on Your Hands to make soft and message gently for 10 mins. Wast Your hand with Cool water.Apply this daily for 10 to 15 days to soften ...

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Beauty Tips for Skin Freshness

Fresh face

Beauty Tips for Skin Freshness…. Orange Boil Orange Peel atleast 5 Mins In water and keep it till it comes to cool. Rub it On Your Face atleast once in a Week For freshnes

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Food For Fresh and Beautiful Skin

1.Lemon..It will Make fresh And Beautiful skin 2.Orange..In orange Vitamin C is present.It very useful to improve Skin Texture 3.Mango..In this Vitamin A and antioxidants.It will regenerate Skin cells And Restore the elasticity of skin 4.Banana..It contain Vitamin A,B and E. It work as a anti-aging agent.A fresh Mashed Banana faical can make wonders for your skin.

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