Earthly day length is increasing, Experts discovery.

Earthly day length is increasing

London: British experts said that earthly day length is increasing but this length is very modest. And duration of the day, every 100 years is growing much just 2 milliseconds (500th of a second). British astronomer’s scientists reviewed almost 3 thousand years of recorded time which covers 720 before Christ until 2015-AD. This shows that it was an overall increase ...

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Poll features added on Facebook against fake news.

Facebook fake news feature

Silicon Valley: The world’s Biggest Social media Facebook decided to take help from user to avoid posts including fake news, unnecessary information, and Mislead languages and launches a Facebook poll feature. The Facebook features a post, notes; status updates can add a poll or share option from the bottom of the post. In which users are asked how extent they ...

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Standard 360 Video capture Low expense Camera with Android phone.

Camera with Android phone

San Francisco: Modernize 360 video via mobile phone cameras are very expensive now. The price is around $ 300 (30 thousand Pakistani rupees). However, Insta 360 air ‘in a lower value, will provide 360 quality video capture services. One version of this camera already available with the name of “Insta 360 Neno” for Apple iPhone. While its next version will ...

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11 strange facts about MARS:

facts about MARS

Karachi: After Earth Mars is probably the only planet where man has offered most research, although a large number of space probes has been sent to Mars because we think that after Earth Mars is the only place where life can exist. Govt. as well as private organizations have made their plan to human life on  Mars, and it is ...

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Some about Top rated Pakistan dramas

Top rated Pakistan dramas

Pakistani Dramas are televised serials produced in Pakistan and with minimum series. Pakistan tele serials have some distinctive features that make it different from all European or Indian drama series. , And that is just like its thematic view, setting, scripts and yes most importantly Pakistan’s Actors. Pakistani TV actors and actresses who’s performing in Pakistan dramas are highly talented ...

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After snap chat and Facebook, now Instagram also offering live video feature:

nstagram offering live video

San Francisco: Instagram will soon facilitate its users with a live streaming feature. After that, it will be equal to snap chat and Facebook Visual Dairies. Social media sites now become a part of our life. Special youth spends more than a half day on social media. When demand increases so competition too. Therefore, many new social sites introducing day ...

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Chinese Former Invent a bed to get rid of Kidney stones:

Kidney stones

Zhejiang: A former in china saw her wife suffering from kidney pain, so he invents a bed by himself to get rid of kidney stones. Chinese are considered as most intelligent and long-living people in the world. They have a number of traditional methods to get people cure. Now we get great news. Chinese province Zhejiang citizen and a former’ ...

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The drone designed to detect explosives and drugs:

detect explosives and drugs

Terror attacks, War and many other incidents are now a routine. The world is searching or a perfect software or technology that can deduct threats. Threats can be of Drugs and many other destroying material. you read the wonderful news about the drones every day. But now a new drone is designed that even recognize the drugs and explosives from ...

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Most round star of the universe had discovered:

Most round star

Gottingen: The international Austronomoures discover around the star by using a modern technology named as “ Astroseismology” . Which are 5 thousand light years Far from earth? It means its light beams takes 5 thousand years to reach to us. A Compiler Space Telescope find this star its is moving very slowly in its sphere that’s why it is exact ...

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On a single chocolate theft, chocolate company gifted a hundred chocolates to the boy.

single chocolate theft

Main Hatton: One chocolate theft from a car of a boy, student Kansas Estate University. And he posted this to Social Media channels, then what happened? The company sent 6500 same Kit-Kat chocolates to him. Hurry!  According to the new Student of a university, He just parked the car in school but didn’t lock. Though when he came back, then ...

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Now through modern technology Electricity will be produced through walking.

Electricity will be produced through walking

New York: America and many other country people now produce power while walking, which is helpful to light up road lights. Electricity is a big issue in the whole world. Each country needs the power to increase its productivity. Many countries already have found many efficient ways to gather power. For example through water pumps winds or solar systems or ...

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A Japanese Artist that draw image with both hands at same time:

Japanese Artist

Tokyo: In world, many peoples are born with many god gifted skills. One of them is a Japanese painter, whom can paint an image with both hands at the same time. People get surprised when they saw him. Painting, Drawing, Calligraphy these all arts consider as god gifted. We believe that God have blessed some people with this art. And ...

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