A USB that can identify HIV within 30 minutes have invented:

USB that can identify HIV

London: British Scientists Invent a USB like a tool that can identify HIV. It can explore virus within 30 minutes. Dripping a drop of blood on it and attach it to the computer, tablet or any manual device USB port. After it, the software works on it for 30 minutes and give result whether the patient has HIV or not. ...

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The rare discounts to the iPhone 6 from Apple:

iPhone 6 from Apple

While introducing their deep discounts, Apple said their clients now can save hundreds of dollars by buying their repair and hurl (Refreshed) phones in low prices. Apple also starts selling their iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S on their website. Or can also buy from Apple stores. The interesting thing is refreshed not only have lower prices it was also giving ...

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Batteries will be charged by human blood in future:

human blood

Connecticut: In future skin charging batteries fast charging abilities and longtime battery life could be depend on Blood chemical “Hem”. The research team of some expertise from Yell University has found that Extra ordinary performance based, lithium-oxygen batteries can be more useable by Hem usage as catalyst. Which is also a part of our blood? The batteries using in mobile, ...

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Facebook Friendships, A Pakistani speechless person get marry with an American girl.

Facebook Friendships

Nowshehra Warkan: Distance cannot define your love. If you love someone truly That distance cannot create problems for you. A speechless boy from Pakistan and a girl from America marry each other and convert their internet friendship in lifetime relationship. The Internet is performing a basic role on youngster’s life. Everyone now spent they are more than 60% of the ...

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China announces strange punishment for Sharp car lights, drivers:

strange punishment

Shenzhen: Total brightens headlights of opposite side coming car create the problem for other people in Dark nights. Therefore Bright lights worldwide discouraged. Now china giving strange punishment for these drivers. Shenzhen Police has posted on a famous social network Vibo that those Men and women use bright headlights while driving will not only punished by 44 Dollars fine rather ...

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Next week people will see fascinating preview of very large and bright moon “Super Moon”:

Super Moon

On this 14th of November, moon will be nearest to earth. Next time it will again appear here on 25th of November 2034. Last time super moon was seen on January 1948, on this moment moon’s view will be a fascinating imagery. That night will be a full moon night, which will make it the Super-Super moon. Moon is always ...

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An innovative newspaper and book reading glasses:

An innovative newspaper

London: There millions and billion people in the world which have eyesight problems they can’t read a book as well and an even greater number of people are illiterate. But now a reading glasses s has been introducing that can read newspapers and books. It’s big news for technology world. As technology always give easy ways and make impossible possible. ...

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Florida: Whom continuously using Energy drinks to make their selves active just stop doing it , their livers can effect by it even though they can suffer from most dangerous disease hepatitis. According to new reports. A person from Florida was feeling some pain between his ribs and also facing Loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting. These all signs indicate Hepatitis ...

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World’s most poor presidents:

World’s most poor presidents

Most of the presidents get fame because of their Splendor and pomp. But some of them get famous for their simplicity beggarly mood and no relevancy with wealth. Burut pahur, Slovenia: 2008 nominated president of Slovenia Mr. Burut Pahur urgently resign for their seat because of some financial shortage but after some he again take participate in election and defeated ...

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A Torch is ready to burn up the fire with light.

burn up the fire with light

Shanghai, Laser equipment Maker Company has developed a flashlight which provides the powerful light from one side while by another side it can burn the fire in weeds. And eggs can also get fried by placing the pan on torch’s firelight. Torch produced in a Chinese company and named “Flash Torch mini Flash Light”. It boasts 2300 lumen halogen light ...

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Swallow bird can fly for 10 months without landing on surface

Swallow bird can fly for 10 months

Stock Home: Bird research specialist has found that Swallow can fly for ten months continually while she doesn’t stay on the surface for once. She also takes her food during this period. It’s defined that, Swallow Swift have a small body but still it consider as the highest and fast flying bird. Before this search the longest and high-flying record ...

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Microsoft PC just introduced with touch the display surface of a catheter just like Tablet qualities.

Surface Studio has named 28 inches wide this PC

Redmond, Washington: Microsoft has offered to his first All-in-One touch screen PC for sales. ‘Surface Studio has named 28 inches wide this PC.’ According to Microsoft, the screen is also the world’s thinnest screen that provides a viewing angle up to 20 degrees. It has a dial controller and power processing system in its base. Dial controller that can use ...

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