MICROSOFT introduces Surface Studio as a new feature of Windows 10:

MICROSOFT introduces Surface Studio

As we all know that MICROSFT is a leading company in software development industry and also well known for its Windows operating systems. Recently they launched Windows 10 as the new version of their operating system. They give a free upgrade to their user for almost one year. As well as Windows 10 needed many changes and updates. And now ...

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A New Phone of Chinese Company, your eyes will stick on when you will look at this screen, and you will be excited to purchase it.

A New Phone of Chinese Company

Lahore (Monitoring Desk) a Chinese company “Xiaomi” introduced his new flag shape smartphone called MINIX. It is the fruit of patience and hard work of 30 years. His first images have surprised not only the user but also the companies. Because his screen has been declared a ‘masterpiece.’ The concept of this phone introduced by French designer Philippi Stark during ...

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Samsung’s next Galaxy S8 model you can get free if…………..A big news arrived.

Galaxy S8 model you can get free

Samsung is leading company of technology market. Its products are always getting great attraction from Advance technology lovers. It has its different standard. Their product quality and reliability is its actual identity. But everyone knows that the previous version of Samsung hand set S7 just recently flopped. It was physically unusable. Many of these handsets get overheated and blasted at ...

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450 years old robot discovery and it also works perfectly fine style today.Who made it? Incapable certainty Development

450 years old robot discovery

London (news desk) Fiction about automation it was common in the twentieth century. But recently found an auto Monique’s sculpture that was built five hundred years ago. And it automatically moves. This is presumed about that in sixteenth century Austyn Spanish woman watchmaker; Kuanylutury Anu was made it.It is told about Spanish watchmaker that she was attached to the court ...

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8 Eatables not even help women to nourish her hair as well as contribute to beautifying her main beauty part.

8 Eatables help women to nourish her hair

New York: Nails and hair have great importance for females, and they try hard to maintain them. A skin specialist Jasyuazycnr forms Mount Sinai Hospital of New York reveals the secret of 8 foods which can help you to glorify your hairs and nails. Protein supplements: Jasyuazycnr said that our hair needs Protein to make keratin. It helps our hair ...

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Another smartphone burst after Note 7, Vehicle also burned, what is this company? After knowing it, your senses will be shocked.

Another smartphone burst after Note 7

Lahore (Monitoring Desk), Between Samsung and Apple, always was a strong competition. Both companies are introducing newer technologies to get greater than other. But now the two companies have started to compete in a matter from which everyone wants a shield. After the blast of the Galaxy Note 7 and to blow off its production and sales Maybe Apple did ...

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The Chinese company was only made to develop a mobile phone that was impossible to produce.

Samsung Model S6 edge

What characterizes it? Knowing it your heart will bloom to buy it. Beijing (Monitoring Desk), Leading electronics companies LG and Samsung are making efforts to develop the flexible screen for a long time, but it was impossible. But where China expert hands made possible other impossibilities so now they developed the mobile phone being flexible and turn.  British newspaper Daily ...

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Space Robot “skya Pirelli” ready to land on Mars

Space Robot "skya Pirelli"

New York (Monitoring Desk), ESA’s “skya Pirelli” named, the robot is going to land on Mars in the coming few hours after traveling 50 million kilometers from Earth. This six wheels robot will examine signs of life with making holes on the surface of Mars. For European Space Agency, Skya Pirelli’s success can troubleshoot with the previous failure mission. It ...

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After Samsung’s Note 7 failures, a healthy return of Samsung. Now, what kind of mobile phone is being introduced ?

Samsung's Note 7 failures

After Samsung’s Note 7 failures, a healthy return of Samsung. Now, what kind of mobile phone is being introduced? The news caused a stir in the technology world. Civil (News Desk), South Korean company Samsung has decided to make a revolution in mobile phone technology since the tragic fate caused to Note 7 and for this purpose has started work ...

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WhatsApp new features that users did not like at all, began to protest on the Internet

WhatsApp new features

New York (Monitoring Desk), the leading chat application WhatsApp has introduced some new features in the update that did not like by users. They began demanding to withdraw the new features of WhatsApp media. British newspaper The Daily Star reported Emoji is now the most important applications of the new features appear in very large size. So when before users ...

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That Animal, who do not listen through his ears but he listen through his legs

That Animal, who do not listen through his ears

That Animal, who do not listen through his ears but he listen through his legs. In early research discovery that scientist also shocked to see. New York (Monitoring Desk), About snakes, the sense of hearing without external ears, we all know that they can hear different voices in his inner ear, but a recent study according to which surprised even ...

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Return Note 7 and take the prize, Samsung beat Attractive Offers

Return Note 7 and take the prize

Lahore (Monitoring Desk), Samsung has announced to return the Galaxy Note 7 and get return extra money, and there is no need to buy only the Samsung smartphone. if Note 7 users wish to withdraw from another company smartphone then they can acquire additional money announced by the company. Samsung Galaxy Note 7 stop from the production and sales have ...

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