Facebook know about you, more than you, if you did not believed than check with the help of Plugin.

Facebook new Plugin

New York (Monitoring Desk) Facebook know almost every think about yourself more than your thought. The experts develop a Plugin with the help of if, you can know. how much Facebook know about you. We all know it that Facebook stored data of two billion users. Not only this Facebook also get data from Instagram and WhatsApp and also purchase ...

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WhatsApp has banned in such modern European country which no one thought

WhatsApp has banned

(Monitoring Desk) Whatsapp recently adopted highly controversial policy whereby they will share his users data with Facebook. Now in Germany the restriction on this Whatsapp policy has been enforced. According to the report of British newspaper named Independent that both companies WhatsApp and Facebook were announced previous month that WhatsApp will share data with Facebook and Facebook used this data ...

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Angelina Jolie move to the rented house after separation from Brad Pitt

Angelina Jolie divoreced from her Husband

Los Angeles ( NNI ) Bollywood actress Angelina Jolie has moved to her rented house after application of separation from her husband Brad Pitt. After differences between Bollywood first row pair Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, actress Angelina Jolie was regressed from the court, after this FBI was also started investigation on violence against child. While decision of divorce have ...

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World’s Largest Telescope Started Work

World's Largest Telescope

Beijing (Monitoring Desk) World’s largest telescope has started work which recently placed in China. New telescope will help to find the hidden secrets of stars, galaxies, and space. In China province Guxhu the telescope made in period of 5 years with cost of 18 millions dollar. The telescope is invent by local Chines engineers, however imported accessories have also used. ...

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New Glasses Have Come Which will Make Video Also

New Glasses Have Come Which will Make Video Also

According New York (Monitoring Desk) : Leading messaging app named Snap chat launch new glasses which can record a video also. The glasses named spectacular will have send to the market for sale in this year and its estimated cost will be almost $300. BBC said according to the Wall Street general that after the invention of this new gadget ...

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Biggest Crime of Internet History – Hackers Take Away Information of 50 Millions Users

Biggest Crime of Internet History

New York (Monitoring Desk) Revealed of  biggest crime of internet history, they confirm theft information of 50 millions users. Told from the website that theft of data was at the end of year 2014 and in that security questions and answers were stolen except personal data, however credit card data not been steal. According to BBC American telecom company Verizon ...

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I phone 7 froze in Coca Cola and When Evacuated What its Condition Watch Exclusive Video

I phone 7 frozen in Coca Cola

Washington (Monitoring Desk) Recently rails the new model of  iphone, iphone 7 now revealed the focus of public attention. While Apple said that it’s  first shipment sold out in the advance booking before rails. Much appreciated being from the public because of its water-proof. On the other hand “Tech ulugr” has released very exciting video that revealed the focus of ...

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Fire Chat App – Send Message without Data Connection & WiFi

Fire Chat App

Lahore (Monitoring Desk ) You do not have WiFi signal around, your data connection is also not working and want to sent message is not a problem now because solution of this problem has found and which is Fire Chat Mobile App. If you have android phone or iOS device then install it and get started. This App provides his ...

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FBI’s Advise Internet Users to Avoid From Spying

Avoid From Spying

New York (Monitoring Desk ) American research institute FBI has advise to internet users that they want to avoid from spying then covered your computer web cam.  According to the media report FBI’s security experts claims that uncovered your web Cam provides opportunity to hackers to control and watch user actions. Although cameras on laptop and desktop computer are very ...

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Bollywood Actress Vidya Balan Struck by Dengue Virus

Vidya Balan Struck by Dengue Virus

Famous Bollywood actress Vidya Balan struck by dengue virus. The doctors gave advice to rest for ten days. Her condition is out of danger doctor said. Giving medicine to her in the home. According to the Indian media reporters Vidya Balan found out effected by Dengue virus by that time when she back from the USA after his film shooting. ...

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Every Film is Test and Change for me Said Amitabh Bachchan

Amitabh Bachchan

Bombay (Monitoring Desk) By his great acting Indian Movies rule on his fans Heart Over the years and the role can be change for him even today might be think about fiction actor Amitabh Bachchan however super star’s said his actor in get anxious even today to perform anyone short like four decades ago. Even today 73 years Amitabh Bachchan ...

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In Pakistan Province’s Punjab The Official announce that they will give 5 millions Smart Phone to Farmers

5 millions Smart Phone to Farmers

In Pakistan Province’s Punjab The Government Official announce that they will give 5 millions Smart Phone to Farmers, The purpose behind the decision is to provide information about agriculture and modern technology. The Punjab Information Technology Board’s chairman DR Umar Saif said that they will provide smart phones to them till October. The expert will also give suggestion to farmers ...

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