China announces strange punishment for Sharp car lights, drivers:

Shenzhen: Total brightens headlights of opposite side coming car create the problem for other people in Dark nights. Therefore Bright lights worldwide discouraged.

Now china giving strange punishment for these drivers.

strange punishment

Shenzhen Police has posted on a famous social network Vibo that those Men and women use bright headlights while driving will not only punished by 44 Dollars fine rather he or she will also have to look in these lights for 60 seconds. and they have to sit on special type of chair.

Although it was first introduced in in 2014. And it was criticized at that time. But now people appreciate it even a person said that this driver must sit in front of lights for a long time. and one Chinese person resists to immediately process this punishment. Same as 90% of people supported this decision. However, some areas termed it as the violation of human rights and said it can effect eyes.

Remember Shenzhen police are famous for its Unconventional punishments in china. Earlier they had also stood up police states on the highway. And also has given sticks like the sword to their staff member.