Chinese Former Invent a bed to get rid of Kidney stones:

Zhejiang: A former in china saw her wife suffering from kidney pain, so he invents a bed by himself to get rid of kidney stones.

Chinese are considered as most intelligent and long-living people in the world. They have a number of traditional methods to get people cure. Now we get great news.

Chinese province Zhejiang citizen and a former’ wife lost her kidney in 1993 because it was damaged. After that, he starts thinking about his wife. After some time, stones also start producing in another kidney. According to doctor one kidney holder,’ stones removing operation is too risky. The patient can also dead.

 Kidney stones

Doctors suggest his wife lay down for some time a day as lay down on her back and her head is down. This traditional method can remove stones.

After doctors suggestions. Former start thinking about this system by which her wife can practice this traditional method. So a bed structure arises in his mind. So he prepares innovative mapping and prepares a bed with his household goods. This bed can move in 360 degrees mean in a full round.

And can move up and down from each angle. Then a Tractor, wheels use to add vibration. Stones can remove by this vibration. Farmers wife stay countdown on this bed for 5 days each day for 10 mints. After that, all stones get to remove from a kidney.

Former’s wife stones recovery news got a boost on social media. So it increases the demand for stones removing the bed. According to Chinese law, Kidney stones patients can use this bed free of cost. And three of them has accepted that this bed is useful for them.

Now the former get the patent of his innovation. Now he wants to start preparing it on the high scale. And will help many Kidney patients to get cure of stones.