CTO of GoDaddy and Cloud VP Joining Google

Elissa Murphy is givine her resignation and will be leaving company in coming May. Her reason of leaving company comes as GoDaddy has begun out with building cloud infrastructure, which is helping it come up from a simple hosting service to something more evolved. This sort of tools help small businesses to stay around with GoDaddy services, rather than just register and host a domain.

Executive departures happen especially when companies grow and go famous or public. But it’s still an interesting time for Elissa to leave the company’s expansion into cloud services.

CTO of GoDaddy and Cloud VP Joining Google

According to a  sources, Elissa Murphy will be joining Google. Chief information and infrastructure officer Arne Josefberg will take over at her place, according to Sources — company giving him a important job for the recently-public company that has to find different ways to expand its core business. There are no information about as what she’ll be doing at Google, but Google too has been offering big clients for its cloud service, which is including recently Spottily.

GoDaddy had a rocky year, share-wise. But so far, on the year shares are moving up around 20% — which is showing that, whatever the company is doing, it seems to be working effectively and expanding . Revenue for the company was upto 14% in the fourth quarter year, and last quarter beat even analyst expectations.

if the company still is going to continue growing, it has to find new ways of business — which means to expanding it into new areas that give small businesses tools that make them want to stay with GoDaddy, rather than moving to other company services.