The drone designed to detect explosives and drugs:

Terror attacks, War and many other incidents are now a routine. The world is searching or a perfect software or technology that can deduct threats. Threats can be of Drugs and many other destroying material.

you read the wonderful news about the drones every day. But now a new drone is designed that even recognize the drugs and explosives from several kilometers. This drone is designed by ISRAILI COMPANY named as “Spector Drone” that emits rays of different wave lengths. The laser range finder, detailed camera, spectra meter, software and algorithm make it possible to identify the dangerous ingredients together. This system automatically analyze risk and forward it to the control room even from a distance of 3 kilo meters.

detect explosives and drugs

Drones uses the modern and newly developed spectroscopy technique, in which LIBS, Raman spectroscopy and fluorescence is supported by Panni system. According to chairman of LDS, this could be helpful in war against terrorist and also a trust full technology which can efficiently use in war.

By using there technology the drone can detect explosives of multiple types (Solid, liquid, gas) and also can detect toxic materials. This type of drone technology can be used in both, military and civilian, security purposes. In the case of emergency, drone can send picture and detail about emergency, to the control room.

These systems can also be install on Robots and cars but yet it’s only tried on a flying device. It uses a special security type laser which identify the threats material. It’s called a detection technology. The spectra Drone can be helpful for terror prevention. The recent terrorism incidents left a very bad merged memory in world. It will be proved as best helpful technology to resolve these issues. If expertise approve this technology many public institutes must use this. Special each country should use this technology.