Earthly day length is increasing, Experts discovery.

London: British experts said that earthly day length is increasing but this length is very modest. And duration of the day, every 100 years is growing much just 2 milliseconds (500th of a second).

British astronomer’s scientists reviewed almost 3 thousand years of recorded time which covers 720 before Christ until 2015-AD. This shows that it was an overall increase of 60 milliseconds in length of the day, during the last 3 million years.

Regular first record is found in the ancient civilization of Babylon. This belongs to 720 before Christ. After which Babylon the China, India, the US and Russia and the Middle East, Europe is also recorded relatively in the recent history. The record with the development of technology is being continuously improved and is more accurate. Because the time of the atomic clocks being used for record keeping.

Earthly day length is increasing

Experts also improve accuracy of all recorded using a special computer program to examine better. According to experts, if the duration of 100 days per year, growing only 2 milliseconds than this means that it will increase the length of a day, 1 minute in 33 million years. That day, over a period of 20 years will be an hour longer than today.

We have no need to worry about this discovery. But it can be said, that the approximately 4.5 billion (four billion) years before being the first star to Earth was moving extremely fast than the beginning. And maybe that one day length of the Earth was less than an hour today. However when it comes in solid rock status, Well this has slowed the rotation axis. And the length of a day accordingly also increased.

The current length of the day, is generally given as 24 hours, But it is precisely 23 hours, 56 minutes and 4.1 seconds.