Florida: Whom continuously using Energy drinks to make their selves active just stop doing it , their livers can effect by it even though they can suffer from most dangerous disease hepatitis.

According to new reports. A person from Florida was feeling some pain between his ribs and also facing Loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting. These all signs indicate Hepatitis A (acute hepatitis). Which is last stage can cause patient death? When they start researching on him he said that he did not have taken any drugs but he was drinking 4-5 energy drinks per day and its happening from 2-3 weeks. Each canned energy drink usually has 240 ml Volume of quick energy drink chemical.


In moral observation specialist found that the person not only suffering from hepatitis but also Long-term hepatitis with hepatitis C (chronic hepatitis C), It means he has 2 different types of disease both relates to Liver and both are very dangerous and can cause death.

After total research, they come to the findings that the reason of this dangerous disease is hidden in energy drinks which he was drinking from last 3-4 weeks. It is Vitamin B-3 it also called Niacin.

Each 240 ml pack of energy drinks contains 20 ml of Vitamin B-3 among other important nutrients. This is enough for a whole day. According to a famous Health website WebMD, a normal person can only take 35 ml of Vitamin B-3 in one day. More usage than 35 ml can be dangerous for health.

And that person drinking 4-5 packs of an energy drink a day, which is containing 40 ml of vitamin B-3 in each pack. It means he was drinking almost 160-200 ml vitamins B-3 in one day. This causes a really bad effect on his liver.

However, a search defines that if a person drinks 500 ml plus vitamin B-3 in one day it will be dangerous for health and that patient was taking it on regular bases that why he was suffering from Liver diseases.

Same thing occur before in 2011 when a woman was almost drinking 300 ml of vitamin B-3 in one day which causes a dangerous stage Hepatitis.

According to these all searches, it is proved that Energy drinks only help in the temporary time period but there continues usage can cause irreparable damages of liver.