Facebook Friendships, A Pakistani speechless person get marry with an American girl.

Nowshehra Warkan: Distance cannot define your love. If you love someone truly That distance cannot create problems for you. A speechless boy from Pakistan and a girl from America marry each other and convert their internet friendship in lifetime relationship.

The Internet is performing a basic role on youngster’s life. Everyone now spent they are more than 60% of the time on the internet. The purpose of this usage in Pakistan is mostly about making friends and having fun.

Facebook Friendships

Facebook is one of famous social media site. Almost 80% of Pakistani youth are connected on Facebook. Most of them are stay connected on Facebook for 24/7 hour.

Maybe this is a reason that our youth is much friendly on their social media than in actual life. They don’t want to share their secrets and problems with their surrounding people. But they get much closer to their social media friends.

Ahsan Ishfaq was a speechless guy he can’t explain his feeling and views through his voice. But he can convert them into attractive word. May e this is a reason he gets her dream girl and inspires her by his words.

A strange incident occurs in Nowshehra. A young boy found her soulmate on a social website.

A young boy Ahsan Ishfaq from Nowshehra Islam Pura make Young girlfriend from America Rose Merry. After some time this friendship converts in love, both decide to marry each other.

According to her promise Rose marry cover her distance and reached Pakistan. They get marry at Lahore, And then go for a memorable tour to Northern areas.

Ahsan IShfaq family said that Rose will take a temporary stay in Pakistan and then move back to America. And soon they start living life together.

No one knows the age of this relationship but many young girls and boys must wish them a happy life.