Failure of PTI in Local Body Elections

Since the day PTI has come into being there have been tremendous efforts on their part to win the elections and create a significant position in the state.  However, despite of a number of tries at many points the power of PTI has been a lesser one as compared to the other parties in the position. The party took seats in KPK however; the effort to make this position a stronger one is already to be achieved.

Currently, the involvement of local body elections were a hope to the party where it was expected that PTI might win the elections and gain a certain place but for many personal as well as professional reasons this hope was shattered. Now, what could be the reason behind this failure is a matter which has made people stay in the dilemma of confusion. The entire scenario either points the unfair means used for success, the impact of divorce of the PTI chairman and the improper selection of the candidates.

PTI in Local Body Elections

Well, the major reliance has been kept on the fact that by way of taking the decision of divorce Imran Khan weakened his position in the elections. Many people have possessed a strong feeling sense for the couple and fans might not be able to digest this fact leading to a non-attendance for the votes. A number of people have even stated this fact that since they were upset of the divorce between the couple they couldn’t help controlling their emotions and so were not able to go and cast their vote.

On the other hand, many people also said that keeping aside the divorce matter there were many other reasons too which made them not to cast their votes and among them not choosing the right candidates was one of them. They were not happy with the candidate being made selected for their area and this was something which made the vote the other party. The wrong mix of the candidates accompanied by the decision to divorce has hit badly to the political career of the man. Many people believe that he should have wasted for the elections to take place first and then should have announced about the divorce, but yet being diplomatic politician is something that is not the kind of Imran Khan.

This second downfall on the part of PTI may take some time to settle at least till the divorce matter settles down. The decision when went on viral many point of views were being rumored which have affected the couple in numerous ways. In this regard, the political career of Imran Khan may also stand on thrift and may turn to be a bit negative at the moment. However, the other mistake made was the placement of wrong candidates which shall be noted this time so that future elections are free from this issue. Currently all it appears is the fact that the decision of divorce was taken at the wrong time which affected the elections in some way.