FBI’s Advise Internet Users to Avoid From Spying

New York (Monitoring Desk ) American research institute FBI has advise to internet users that they want to avoid from spying then covered your computer web cam.  According to the media report FBI’s security experts claims that uncovered your web Cam provides opportunity to hackers to control and watch user actions.

Avoid From Spying

Although cameras on laptop and desktop computer are very Helpful however this is the device which hacker access easily. If they do once then they easily capture views around the computer and record voices later they can used to black mail those peoples, break the security system and user for any other purpose.

Remember that at the starting of this year founder of facebook Mark Zuckerberg photo also came in which he was covered his Mac Book Pro Web Cam. Now this advise also give by the Director of FBI that this is a great think can do internet users.