Fire Chat App – Send Message without Data Connection & WiFi

Lahore (Monitoring Desk ) You do not have WiFi signal around, your data connection is also not working and want to sent message is not a problem now because solution of this problem has found and which is Fire Chat Mobile App. If you have android phone or iOS device then install it and get started.


This App provides his users to send and received text message without internet connection the reason is it has Mash Network in it. In fact this network delivers message to adjacent person through Wire Less by using WiFi or Bluetooth mobile devices of other phone which have Fire Chat App. If any connection is not close to you, then you message is stored till deliver and this message is in encrypted form so that some one else can not read.

App maker said that it may take some time to receive message, but with the help of this App you can send messages abroad without Roaming charges and WiFi. According to the Askyft this App has downloaded by 5 millions people so far.