An innovative newspaper and book reading glasses:

London: There millions and billion people in the world which have eyesight problems they can’t read a book as well and an even greater number of people are illiterate. But now a reading glasses s has been introducing that can read newspapers and books.

It’s big news for technology world. As technology always give easy ways and make impossible possible. Now a person has a sight problem or doesn’t visit the school once ever, also can read books. it will also helpful for special education systems.

An innovative newspaper

These innovative glasses named as “Overcame” which is a smart glasses. It’s selling will start next year in British. The most important thing about this overcame is its embed camera at the corner of the glasses. A wire attached to glasses move up to a computer where is a speaker reads the writing you will see by these glasses. This geometry box sized computer and can easily be fit in your pocket.

Whenever you put your finger on any writing, a beep sound will appear from this box. and then it starts reading it in robotic sound. Overcame using a 20 years old technology, Optical career Recognition (OCR) , It can read posters, Sign boards and food can writings but yet it cannot read the human writing.

Overcame was first introduced by two scientists in 2010 when they were working in a car manufacturing company. The design and develop a camera system which will useful for Pedestrians and other car recognitions. At that time almost 2000 tools were produced now they start selling it in British countries.

Overcame introduced with two different versions both are very expensive. One of these is my reader which is almost cost 2 laces. Where another one is my eye and its price is almost 2.5 plus laces. And its order can be placed on its manufacturing company site.