A Japanese Artist that draw image with both hands at same time:

Tokyo: In world, many peoples are born with many god gifted skills. One of them is a Japanese painter, whom can paint an image with both hands at the same time. People get surprised when they saw him.

Painting, Drawing, Calligraphy these all arts consider as god gifted. We believe that God have blessed some people with this art. And when they make it realize than they observe its actual worth. And it will a cherry on white cake when they polish it with practice and more practice. When they draw many things with different methods they get some unique habits. Some start Painting with feet. Some with close eyes, some with mouths and some of them with both hands at same time.

 Japanese Artist

These people called Ambie Dexter. Which can write or draw painting with both hands at the same time. Only 1% people can do this out of whole population of world. And they took as most intelligent persons. It is said that the most famous artist Leonardo da Vinci, who draw Mona Lisa Portrait was also expert in these skills. Who was also itself its inventor. Beside this one more Painter Karen Gore was also able to paint images with their both hands at same time, Even he can paint with his feet. Japanese Painter Toro is also a professional painter and have paint on many topics and methods. Japanese already known for their struggle and hardworking as we all know that Japanese work hard to prove themselves. Toro also bring himself with great skills and Art.

World welcome these artist and appreciate their natural gifts and their struggle on it. They leave an influence on whole world by their art as Leonardo and Karen do and as Toro will do.