List of Pakistanis Involved in Tax Evasion leaked by Panama Papers

A collection of leaked documents has revealed and opened about faces behind offshore shell companies which are operating in secrecy to avoid taxes and launder money. Many Big names from  all over the world have been included in the list of disclosed documents.

Majority of the involved people in the list includes politicians, businessmen, bankers, judges and media personnel from all over the world .The leaked documents named as the Panama Papers have over 200 people named from Pakistan involved in laundering and stashing their money abroad via off-shore companies illegal.

List of Pakistanis Involved in Tax Evasion

This list is still expanding and more Pakistanis will be added in the upcoming days or weeks. Data is under examination starts from 1977, however, all of the Pakistanis start appearing in the documents after 1990. Its The biggest leak in the history of journalism and has shown the two-faced and two sided approach of our leaders and politicians towards money laundering and taxation,some of names of Pakistanis in the list who have indulged in the practice of tax evasion according to the Panama papers are Prime minister Nawaz sharif’s children, relative of choudhrys and shahbaz sharif (chief minister Punjab),

Geo and jang group owner mir shikil ur Rehman, Yousaf raza gillani son, The National Accountability Bureau  is considering initiating an inquiry into the Pakistanis involved in the Panama Paper leaks. Top NAB officials are discussing the matter and they will investigate it properly.