New Glasses Have Come Which will Make Video Also

According New York (Monitoring Desk) : Leading messaging app named Snap chat launch new glasses which can record a video also. The glasses named spectacular will have send to the market for sale in this year and its estimated cost will be almost $300. BBC said according to the Wall Street general that after the invention of this new gadget the Snap Chat company has replaced its name as Snap Ink.

According to the Inventor of this new device named Evan Spiegel that he went to California for one day vacations, at where during his visit or recreation in jungle, he captured a video, but after visualizing the video, he seemed that he is viewing his memory again.

The Inventor also Said: Viewing picture of an experiment is one aspect or thing, but experimenting an experiment is another thing or aspect. Watching the video again was same like that I have reached again on that particular place. Spectacular Glasses entrance revised the memory of Google Glass once more. Google also had launched a device named Smart Glass but It could not get much success in the markets.