Next week people will see fascinating preview of very large and bright moon “Super Moon”:

On this 14th of November, moon will be nearest to earth. Next time it will again appear here on 25th of November 2034. Last time super moon was seen on January 1948, on this moment moon’s view will be a fascinating imagery. That night will be a full moon night, which will make it the Super-Super moon.

Super Moon

Moon is always considered as most attractive natural beauty. No one yet can deny it. Everyone feel relaxed and romantic while watching a full moon. Especially full moon is still a charm for everyone whenever it’s a youngster, old person or a kid. Everyone stops for some minutes or even seconds to have look on Full moon.

What if we saw a larger and brighter moon? Will someone miss this chance if he gets know that it will next available after 18 years in 2034? So NASA brings a good news for moon lovers.

According to Astronomers, island and other areas of pacific and Western North America can see it in morning. And it will give a very clear view in that area which are below the horizon. Good news is this, it will be the evening at Pakistan so everyone can easily view this moon, According to Pakistani time zone it can be seen at 7 o clock of an evening.

NASA said that Supermoon lights will be like meteor shower on 14th of November. And it will tough to look them in this year. The interesting thing is this, one more super moon will see on 14 December of this year well full moon will appear only on 14th November. One reason for this is that the moon is closest to Earth and next time it will be seen in 2034.