Now through modern technology Electricity will be produced through walking.

New York: America and many other country people now produce power while walking, which is helpful to light up road lights.

Electricity is a big issue in the whole world. Each country needs the power to increase its productivity. Many countries already have found many efficient ways to gather power. For example through water pumps winds or solar systems or by Human and animal wastage.

Electricity will be produced through walking

But the world actually needs a way which can help to save our time and investment. And which can facilitate us more than human efforts? Tons of electricity is producing all over the world, but its usage is more than its production. Even yet in the 20th century many of us still not facilitate by electricity. Many urban areas are still struggling with it.

A New York company has found it, and for experiment purpose, they also have embed Paid like tiles on Footpaths. When it press by someone, put feet on it. They generate little bit electricity against this Pyros Electric. It keeps producing power by thousand people’s transportation. And moves to nearby electric posts. And also store I batteries. After the sun is set these bulbs light up automatically and shut off in the morning.

Company names this technology as Agno Planet. Some solar systems also added in this light to the upper side. Which produce and save electricity in storage by Solar power while the lack of human transportation. Same as people will also get the charging facility and Wi-Fi hotspot services; It will be totally free of cost.

An environment-Friendly Technology:

Estimated 30 crores of street lights are using in all over the world. Yearly forty billion ( 40 million of Pakistani rupees) Dollars needed to lighten these lights. And ten crore tons of Carbon dioxide is mixing up with air against it. Which is a reason for environmental temperature and destruction?

According to manufacturing company, Electric posts have no usages instead of hanging these bulbs. These pillars can be used for other many purposes like Wi-Fi and charge by this technology. If this system implements to all over the world, it can make unexpected changes.

It’s a very good idea to produce energy by walking. This method can help us to make an individual effort for development. We contribute for electricity, and we will even know it. If this technology can help us and implemented to all over the world, it can solve 60% economic problems in all countries.