I phone 7 froze in Coca Cola and When Evacuated What its Condition Watch Exclusive Video

Washington (Monitoring Desk) Recently rails the new model of  iphone, iphone 7 now revealed the focus of public attention. While Apple said that it’s  first shipment sold out in the advance booking before rails. Much appreciated being from the public because of its water-proof. On the other hand “Tech ulugr” has released very exciting video that revealed the focus of public attention very much.

According to details a video of iphone 7 has released from the Tech ulugr” in which they shown that iphone 7 froze in Coca Cola for 12 hour in the refrigerator after 12 hour break the frozen coke with the help of hammer it evacuated from it by that time it still working right. It did not have any problem however its processing speed and voice was low. But it working fine and its screen was like as new.