Road and Railway Tracks

Politics .. on Road and Railway Tracks..

An obsolete railway track in Peshawar has become a bone of contention between KPK govt and Federal government…. Last day pointed out by PTI Chairman that federal govt is not allowing to root out an obsolete railway track in Peshawar which is not in use for last several years…

PTI chairman proclaimed to construct a bus track by inducing about 14 billion rupees for giving ease to the passengers of Peshawar city and also to minimize traffic problem in the city. The federal minister for railway is disregarding the PTI chairman’s request by claiming that the land and railway track is the entity of Pakistan Railways.

PTI chairman condemned the double standard of federal govt and Punjab govt… He reinstated “ Govt has double standard in different provinces. In Punjab just for Metro track and Orange line project, Punjab govt induced hundreds of billions and ruined the houses of the people leading their lives near this both tracks. But not giving permission for constructing a bus track by replacing a vacant and obsolete railway track is out of question”