Poll features added on Facebook against fake news.

Silicon Valley: The world’s Biggest Social media Facebook decided to take help from user to avoid posts including fake news, unnecessary information, and Mislead languages and launches a Facebook poll feature.

The Facebook features a post, notes; status updates can add a poll or share option from the bottom of the post. In which users are asked how extent they understand the heading of this writing as misleading language. And the answer is given 5 options from ”absolutely not ” to cover till ‘Absolutely’’.

It is not clear how the Facebook survey system work but it look like Facebook will take a decision about the truthiness of any person, page or group in the light of answers from the user in this Poll feature. The question is to seek the answer of whether automated software will work on it or have human innervation’s as well.

Facebook fake news feature

In addition, it is also not known that the information on a page, group or individual rating will be communicated to the public or it will be used as the data hidden. Around the world, various websites share their articles of more sensational and misleading headlines on Facebook. They do all in order to get more traffic and increase their rankings. Racing world rankings of nearly every country and in every language has spread like a disease. This is causing them to waste time with misleading consumers.

Social critics have welcomed the move by Facebook and said that it will follow by other social media websites and networks.