PTI upset PML-N in Islamabad Local Body Election

The scenario of winning and losing has been a usual one in the elections, be these elections of the school life or the real ones in the country politics. There is always a one party that wins and the rest of them lose. All this tug of war associated with the election and voting has been commonly observed at many instances and keeping this in mind the campaign for the elections is also conducted in the similar manner.

PTI in Islamabad Local Body Election

Well, now when it comes to the election scenario of the country Pakistan what we observe is that there are many parties appearing out there to take their part and own their seats, however, the major tussle seems to be appear between the two parties at the most, PML N and PTI. There are many other parties as well which have participated in these elections but the majority hold and the eye of public lied usually on these two parties. However, the elections took place in the capital city of Pakistan being Islamabad and on 30th November 2015. The voters throughout the city started to motivate at their respective polling stations and castes their votes in the peaceful manner.

However, throughout the day the question bothering to the entire nation was the name of the winning party, well through the entire day this curiosity was reaching at its peak and the end of the day brought the news. There was a party which was to feel happiness and the rest to feel the upsetting results. Well, the major upsetting was done for the PTI, this party was much on the hopeful side and so as the fans supporting it but in the end nothing worked out and the party had to leave the ground.

PTI Upset PML N in Islamabad

Despite of the fact everyone knows that these elections are associated with a single winner only and the rest of the people have to lose the parties that lose do get upset. There was not a major difference between the vote count of the two parties and with a minimal difference PML-N won the local body elections in Islamabad.

There may be many reasons for a party to lose in the elections after being much hopeful and the obvious reason among many is the lack of vote count. However, at times many parties also do expect a lot from an election and end up having a disappointment at a later date. All this leads to a very hassle oriented thing which may upset everyone a lot. Well, there is always a next time as well and people may take a chance the next time. Moreover, for the parties there is also a chance to win their seats in the local body elections in the upcoming election of the other cities of Pakistan. The upset of PTI is definitely understandable for the people out there but the fan following is still very high for the party and they might win in the upcoming elections without a doubt leaving a good impression behind.