On a single chocolate theft, chocolate company gifted a hundred chocolates to the boy.

Main Hatton: One chocolate theft from a car of a boy, student Kansas Estate University. And he posted this to Social Media channels, then what happened? The company sent 6500 same Kit-Kat chocolates to him. Hurry!

 According to the new Student of a university, He just parked the car in school but didn’t lock. Though when he came back, then he checked that the Kit-Kat chocolate was missing in the cup sitting on the dashboard of the car. And something was written on a paper piece.

 single chocolate theft

“I saw a Kit-Kat in your cup-holder, I love Kit-Kats So I checked your door, and it was unlocked. Did not take anything Other than the Kit-Kat. I am Sorry and hungry”.

After this, the Student posted the note and his Car pictures at social networks, and that post been viral and discussed with the interesting debate. After it, the Kit-Kat Company contacted the Student and their person/agent to his university, who came with not only one or two kit-kat but sixty-five hundred kit-kat chocolates. On this step of the company, the student was shocked. And he divided all chocolates to university student from his car.