After snap chat and Facebook, now Instagram also offering live video feature:

San Francisco: Instagram will soon facilitate its users with a live streaming feature. After that, it will be equal to snap chat and Facebook Visual Dairies.

Social media sites now become a part of our life. Special youth spends more than a half day on social media. When demand increases so competition too. Therefore, many new social sites introducing day by day. But now smartphones apps are faster than the websites. All sites and apps face a big competition. And it’s technologically tough to beat each other. So these apps get updated. Their developers search for user problems and introduce many new features for them. These features also help them to lead in social media market.

nstagram offering live video

In previous some days, Facebook introduces live streaming. And its usage spread faster than fire. Each page admins posting their live videos. Many celebrities and TV channels are live with their fans. And Facebook also enables to watch these videos later on.

It’s a big threat for Facebook competitors. Facebook gives a great opportunity to its users. So many other social sites start struggling to find its reciprocal. And now the second lead is taken by the INSTAGRAM.

Nowadays live streaming is getting famous on social sites. Whereby users are sharing their live videos on social media. Once these videos get live after that they get automatically delete from a site.

As it happens in Snap chat visual dairies. Instagram Is also following its footsteps. Because its videos also delete after live streaming.

I will not save anywhere. Only Facebook on social media offers lives video recording and able to watch them again.

Instagram Live streaming feature testing will start today and in some months it will be available for more than 50 thousand users. Moreover, Instagram also adds some other features in its app by which users can upload 1 or 2 minutes video clips.

However, it will be guaranteed that after an addition of live streaming feature Instagram can easily beat Facebook and snap chat. This feature will get great success as well.