Some about Top rated Pakistan dramas

Pakistani Dramas are televised serials produced in Pakistan and with minimum series. Pakistan tele serials have some distinctive features that make it different from all European or Indian drama series. , And that is just like its thematic view, setting, scripts and yes most importantly Pakistan’s Actors. Pakistani TV actors and actresses who’s performing in Pakistan dramas are highly talented and have incredible ability to merge fully in character.

Pakistan Dramas not have irregular imagery, anything vulgar activity or non-realistic views. But Pakistan Dramas are totally based on true natural themes of current life. It present social cultures, political hacks, realistic imagery, powerful optimistic themes. Especially If Pakistani Dramas start with fresh and mysterious episodes then they will end as well with realistic and positive moral. They do not take the episodes too long. As Pakistani Dramas standard episode numbers are from 26-35. So viewers do not get bore with long stories and enjoy the story as well.

Here are some top rated Pakistan dramas.

DUAN Drama

Drama was very popular in not only Pakistan but all over the world. It have positive sense of Pakistan Army and hacks of politics. Drama on aired in 1994. The dramas casted five friends in story who take serious action to fight and end drug dealers and terrorist. Drama was known for its neat shooting and generous use of ammunition to deliver realistic message.


ARY Digital Drama Kafir (Athiest) broadcasted in 2011. Kaafir circles about a girl which named Izzat in drama. She was out-spoken brave girl who take action against any cruel act of society. On the other hand character Shahan was a powerful and a Channel head who present himself as GOD but originally a Kafir. This drama is a big religion work for belief and faith on GOD. It also shows the cruel society who is always with the powerful party. It is the war against believer and Proud, Satirical presentation and war between genders.


Pakistani Drama Udaari on aired on Hum TV in beginning of 2016. The drama is start from totally rural society but go to the end in totally urban society. The story focuses on Social, economic crises of Pakistan rural area peoples. On the other Drama Highlighting deeply emerged problem in India and Pakistan and that is Child Sexual abuse. Fight against Harassment is particularly presented and won. The Drama was totally realistic point of view.


With the themes of politics, religion, economic or sexual issues. Pakistan is not behind to present a romantic genre. Pyarey Afzal is a ARY Digital serial with romantic love story that end with the murder of Hero. Pyarey Afzal won almost all the female of the country and also 70% of all males’ society hearts. Express news tells, the drama not only inspired in Pakistan but Indian viewers also appreciated its Dialogues delivery and wonderful heart touching scripts.

Pakistan have list of successful dramas who won the awards internationally and numerous are which won the national awards. However Pakistan Dramas always appreciated than any other industry.