Standard 360 Video capture Low expense Camera with Android phone.

San Francisco: Modernize 360 video via mobile phone cameras are very expensive now. The price is around $ 300 (30 thousand Pakistani rupees). However, Insta 360 air ‘in a lower value, will provide 360 quality video capture services.

One version of this camera already available with the name of “Insta 360 Neno” for Apple iPhone. While its next version will be for Android Phones. It’s all feature quality will be same as “Insta 360 Neno”. However, they will only be purchased from $ 99 to $ 119.

Camera with Android phone

With Insta 360 Air Android Users not only can capture 360 video clips but they can share it on Social media networks as well. It can capture 360 2K and 3K quality videos. Mean their quality will be more than HD but lower than 4K. to make 360 Video, 2 small cameras are mounted in opposite directions to each other. It’s software not only connect videos of 2 different cameras but it maintains its quality from blurring with disturbance.