Swallow bird can fly for 10 months without landing on surface

Stock Home: Bird research specialist has found that Swallow can fly for ten months continually while she doesn’t stay on the surface for once. She also takes her food during this period.

It’s defined that, Swallow Swift have a small body but still it consider as the highest and fast flying bird. Before this search the longest and high-flying record was given to a type of Swallow bird name as Alpine Swift, it has been registered for six months fly. Now a common swallow name as Apus-Apus has beaten this record. This Swallow flies for ten months without a land from Europe to Africa, in a seasonal migration.

Swallow bird can fly for 10 months

A Sweden-based university Leonid University researched while using a new method of data gathering, the search for nineteen flying birds; then they came to know that when a swallow to avoid their productivity they travel for 99% of the time in 10 months. According to the Ecological professor, Mr. Anders had Enstrom common swift birds leave their homes and move to the forests of central Africa. Some of them even don’t touch the land for one night, day or months.

According to this newly published research in modern biology they save their energy by fly on low altitude in nights. Daytime they flew over hot wind so they can also save their energy in a day too. But they could not find that they sleep for some time or not maybe they sleep at night for some time. They collect their food and keep taking it while flying.

The most interesting fact is that they also have long lives. Their average age is 20 years so it can say that Alpine and common swallows both birds can fly as much as it takes seven rounds of the earth to the moon, in their 20 years lifetime.