A Torch is ready to burn up the fire with light.

Shanghai, Laser equipment Maker Company has developed a flashlight which provides the powerful light from one side while by another side it can burn the fire in weeds. And eggs can also get fried by placing the pan on torch’s firelight.

Torch produced in a Chinese company and named “Flash Torch mini Flash Light”. It boasts 2300 lumen halogen light which can ignite a fire. This Torch estimated with aluminum which used in Airplanes and the lens and reflector would not be damaged by heat. If the torch will be brought to any burnable thing then it will break up with a little smoke. And by placing a small pan directly at this torch an egg can be fried. But remember its temperature can melt the plastic.

burn up the fire with light

Flash Torch is equivalent to 100 mini light bulbs. Its length is eight Inch and weight and weight is three eighty-five grams. But Its small version is also invented which is names as “Mini Flash Torch”. It has 3 settings, depending on light intensity. It can last up to an hour at full power while it keeps up to 100 minutes with low light intensity. It has a battery pack for charging. Flashlight price has been allocated Rupees twenty thousand which makes it a very expensive item.

Chinese was always at the top of machinery and equipment development. They have not left anything to produce. However, this new invention will raise their status in the business.