A USB that can identify HIV within 30 minutes have invented:

London: British Scientists Invent a USB like a tool that can identify HIV. It can explore virus within 30 minutes.

Dripping a drop of blood on it and attach it to the computer, tablet or any manual device USB port. After it, the software works on it for 30 minutes and give result whether the patient has HIV or not. Most accurate results about HIV can be finding by using this technology.

USB that can identify HIV

HIV is one of most horrible disease ever. It doesn’t have any guaranteed solution yet. HIV is more dangerous than cancer. IN this situation patient veins get scramble with each other. Which really scares? And its cure is always expensive even if it’s not guaranteed. Even many poor areas or common areas don’t have such labs to identify HIV viruses. Patients have to visit big cities for tests and medicines.

Imperial College discovers this tool with the help of Disease diagnostic company DNA Electronics Company.  According to expertise, this tool will be very helpful to find HIV in Far areas or weak areas. Good news is that this device can give results in minutes while in a manual method it takes many days to get HIV results.

Expertise who works on it said that regular tests are expensive and time-consuming they also said that test needs a proper complex system. But this device work as compressing a total lab.

HVI diagnoses by a potent antiretroviral medicine which decreases the amount of virus in the patient blood. Rather for researching, it requires daily based blood test to keep an eye on some infections. If medicine is not helping out and virus getting stronger, so it can also identify by blood tests. And then they need to find any other curing method.

It’s a great contribution from technology department for medical. These devices should start selling as soon as possible. Then it can be accessible in backward areas too. Hope this new technology can be a pleasure for these patients so that they can find some virus in their blood by their selves.