WhatsApp has banned in such modern European country which no one thought

(Monitoring Desk) Whatsapp recently adopted highly controversial policy whereby they will share his users data with Facebook. Now in Germany the restriction on this Whatsapp policy has been enforced.

WhatsApp has banned

According to the report of British newspaper named Independent that both companies WhatsApp and Facebook were announced previous month that WhatsApp will share data with Facebook and Facebook used this data to show advertisement to users. According to the report in Germany city Humberg a data protection commissioner issued an order whereby restriction on WhatsApp to sharing data of Germany users with Facebook has been enforced.

In this order Facebook also be warned before this delete the data of Germany users. A German organization said that both companies were signed agreement with their users, in which there are no terms of shared data of their users to others companies. Now a step took by WhatsApp which is against the user agreement.