World’s most poor presidents:

Most of the presidents get fame because of their Splendor and pomp. But some of them get famous for their simplicity beggarly mood and no relevancy with wealth.

World’s most poor presidents

Burut pahur, Slovenia:

2008 nominated president of Slovenia Mr. Burut Pahur urgently resign for their seat because of some financial shortage but after some he again take participate in election and defeated their opposition with great success. Their total assets are 44,280 USDs.

Federico Franco, Paraguay:

He is Federico Franco is Surgen by his profession but he have been responsible for presidency of Paraguay for very short time from 2012 to 2013. His total assets are 40,000 USDs.

Jnpng Xi’an, China:

Current president of PRC China is also chairman of Communist Party general secretary and Central Military Commission. His total assets are 39,720 USDs.

Alexander lyukasnku, Belarus:

Being a president of Belarus from past 22 year, his total assets are still only 33,873 USDs.

Pranab Kumar Mukherjee, India:

Indian President Mr. Pranab Kumar is taking participate in politics for past 40 years. And he has taken the presidency of India from 2012 and his assets are 32,216 USDs.

Marin rykuf nkuluf, Bulgaria:

He have fulfill the responsibilities of presidency for very short time in 2013 at Bulgaria but his assets are 26, 929 USDs.

Robert Mugabe, Zimbabwe:

Mr. Robert Mugabe is assign with the presidency responsibilities from 1987 he is also include in most poor presidents of countries because his total assets are 18,000 USDs only.

Hamid Karzai, Afghanistan:

Hamid Karzai had assigned for the post of president of Afghanistan from 2004-2014. it said that his total assets are 6,300 USDs. And it’s really a shocking fact.

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Iran:

From 2005 to 2013 still president of Iran respected Mr. Mehmoood Ahmadinejad is famous for their simplicity and honesty. Their assets are only 3,000 USDs. According to this figure he is one of most poor political person and president of the country.

Pope, Vatican:

Spanish-born Pope’s original name is ‘Jorge Mario brguglyu‘. He had been assigned for pope post from since 2013. He is currently a spiritual leader of the Roman Catholics Christians. This property also defines him as president of Vatican. Their assets are zero because president of Vatican cannot collect wealth.