Zarb e Ammn

Zarb e Ammn… A Need of time…

On initiating the war against terrorism in practical shape by Pakistan army… this nation assumed that it will get rid of the terrorist activities. The good results are also welcomed by the entire nation but still the nation is at the mercy of terrorists. As the activities are hidden and only agencies can check the whole network of these terror attacks, hence understanding level of nation is also to be raised by illustrating to them the true face of Islam.

For this purpose on 21 february, 2016 a seminar held in Rawalpindi for inauguration of the syllabus of ZARB e AMMN by Dr Hussain Mohayyuddin Qadri. In this syllabus he visualized the spirit need for showing true face and proper applicability of Islam in all the matters of daily lives. Dr Hussain Mohayyuddin Qadri presented before the audience the salient feature of this syllabus… He said “ Islam is a religion of Peace and it gives assurance of life, worship and personal identity to its citizen. It orders to treat humanely to those who are even the most opponents but not the true danger for the perception of Islam”

A Zarb e amman is direly needed alongside a ZARB E AZB against those who try to show the bad face of Islam. It is direly needed to guide the guileless nation to understand the true worth of their religion and its implication for the betterment of society. It is a two-way front for the implementer to fight against terrorist practically on fronts and to illuminate the hearts of nation with the true spirit of Islam.

And this what this nation could not understand the philosophy of Dr Tahir ul qadri, who predicts and it happens–